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Sometimes a story reminds us that we’ve come a long way but still have a long way to go.

One such story is that of Todd Meyer, the former associate director of the Indiana Department of Child Services who resigned after an intern came forward with inappropriate text messages sent to her by Meyer.

The text messages included telling her that she smelled good, saying that he wanted to hang out with her and asking her if she was hanging out in her parents’ swimming pool.

It is disturbing that the former Boone County prosecutor didn’t take long to behave inappropriately with a subordinate while serving in an agency dedicated to protecting our state’s most vulnerable demographic.

When the intern spoke up, Meyer did the only honorable thing that he could do. He admitted his fault and resigned from the position of power that he had abused.

His prompt resignation may be a sign that there is no tolerance for such behavior in our state government, but it also leaves us wondering.

This young woman never applied for an internship with DCS, nor had she expressed interest through any official channel. She was recruited by Meyer after he saw her LinkedIn profile. She is now left to wonder if she was recruited based on her qualifications or on Meyer’s desire to “hang out” with her.

She is also left to wonder what becomes of the time and energy she already dedicated to her internship.

We are left to wonder what would have happened if Meyer hadn’t resigned. Would the intern have had the clout to come through this incident with her own reputation and confidence intact?

Gov. Holcomb appointed Meyer, a fellow Republican, to a specially created position to help shape up the organization, a move slammed by critics as an example of crony politics. Holcomb said he felt disgusted and disappointed by the text messages.

We agree.

And we are left to wonder if the governor’s next appointment will be more carefully vetted.

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