Sports betting is legal in Indiana. But do we have to be besieged, literally under attack, by gambling ads while watching football games on TV?

Apparently so.

You might take some time now to come up with alternatives to listening to the ads. Here are some ideas:

— Write a letter to the NCAA asking the Indy-based organization to urge youth to be cautious if they ever gamble. Now is the time because you know in your heart that March Madness will be sponsored by sportsbook ads.

— Go to a library and borrow a biography of Julius Caesar so you’ll have some idea of what the characters in the commercials are really about.

— Boycott watching any show with Caesars Sportsbook stars Patton Oswalt — will you really miss “A.P. Bio”? — or J.B. Smoove — yes, even turning off “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” (It’s already easy to snub movies with Wynn Resorts’ Ben Affleck or Shaquille O’Neal. No loss in shunning those guys.)

— Google former political ads. Be thankful that sports betting ads aren’t as mean-spirited.

— Seriously, why would you bet on the Colts, Pacers or Fever?

— Travel to Ohio where sports betting is still banned, but you may only have a few weeks left.

— Revive your long-forgotten interest in scrapbooking.

— Don’t bet. Remind yourself that you are smarter than the TV.

— Use the mute button.

— Don’t watch sports on TV.

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