Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and reconnection as we gather with loved ones to enjoy a delicious feast. However, sometimes the thought of table conversation with extended family members can be anxiety inducing, but there are several options to break the ice.

We just had an election earlier this month, so you may want to go around the table and ask everyone who they voted for and why. This classic conversation starter is sure to bring a spirit of harmony to any table.

If people seem too shy to share their political leanings, the next best thing is, of course, religion. Tell everyone not to hold back and give their honest thoughts about their beliefs … and everyone else’s!

Make sure to assign seats in a way that will facilitate lively discussion. Don’t let your liberal atheist cousins all sit together and miss out on the sharing. Sprinkle them in amongst your conservative Christian grandparents and let the fun begin.

Other topics to consider are socialism, immigration, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, critical race theory and why we should have to press 1 for English.

When dessert is served, if any of guests are still there, you can ask whether any of them have changed their minds based on what they’ve learned today.

There is a slight possibility that no minds have been changed and everyone’s digestion will be troubled by anger and resentment.

If managing such a lively discussion is too ambitious a goal for you, there is another option.

One could see the Thanksgiving dinner table as a place of respite from the world’s conflicts, to forgive old grudges and call a truce to political battles.

Thanksgiving is a day most of us gather with old friends and extended family members we don’t see very often.

In all seriousness, the only way to win an argument over Thanksgiving dinner is not to get in one.

Enjoy your meal and the company you share it with.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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