So former IRS official Lois Lerner believes like millions of other Americans that tea party is made up of arrogant and crazy people. Does she have a point or is she talking like the Fox News Channel and conservative talk radio? Let’s open up the tea party and see what’s inside.

Tea party ownership: Kochs brothers make 48 million dollars a day legally plus an unknown amount illegally and will buy any politician who is up for sale regardless of party. It is unclear if these political pimps refer to Kochs’ own politicians in private by Kochheads and other names. It is clear Kochs have bought control of a major portion of federal government and over half of our 50 states. Kochs businesses are not harmed by a bad economy but threaten clean renewable energies. Kochs being born super rich have never had to worry about anything like most Americans do. Kochs’ goals for America are a third-world economic slavery and idiocracy government control by ignorant people motivated by greed and selfishness. The Kochs’ extreme desire for control and lack of compassion of 99 percent of Americans puts them in both categories.

Tea party leadership: Koch flunkies in Statehouses are paid to gerrymander districts to ensure longtime control and to pass legislation that help the wealthy. Koch-owned governors are in a jamboree from now until the Koch picks the GOP presidential candidate (hope it’s Gov. Pence). Koch politicians at the national level have set records for being the least productive Congress in our nation’s history, year after year. Our nation and 99 percent of its people suffer from tea party in DC actions or lack of. These Kochheads’ desire for money over the people they represent would put them into the a— category.

Tea party membership: Mostly people that are harmed economically by tea party actions or lack of. People that do not realize their hatred for President Obama and Democrats is fueled by misinformation paid for by the Kochs and their allies. People that can’t see the tea party has made our government a dysfunctional house divided, something our foreign enemies see very clearly. Ms. Lerner may call members crazy or arrogant but supporting actions or lack of that harm to your own nation is either treason or idiotic.

Tim Mahaffey


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