Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of readers’ comments from www.theheraldbulletin.com, coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

Elwood celebrated a positive economic development as Warner Bodies plans to add up to 150 jobs in the next five years. (Article published Aug. 21)

“Can we ever turn some dirt over here in Anderson? How do other cities smaller than us seem to get jobs in their city? I just don't understand. We have all this ground with nothing on it. JOBS, bring them to Anderson. Now, when these kids graduate from college they better head in any direction besides Anderson. Well, unless there looking for fast food.”

THB: Sometimes companies can be looking for a specific set of circumstances. Maybe Anderson didn't have what Warner Bodies needed. But the city does need to work hard to be able to celebrate similar victories.

Opponents of Mounds Lake Reservoir are proposing a trail system along the White River. (Aug. 19)

"A lake is a better idea. Anderson will not see an improvement in trails, more crime maybe. That town needs some sunshine and water!"

"I say there isn't enough land as it is, why ruin that many acres for an idea that won't work? Come up with something better. We have a lake. Why can't they put the money into Shadyside and have the same effect?"

"How will a trail system bring any type of revenue to this city? Reservoir is the way to go! It should not be a hard decision."

"As usual, Indiana is behind the learning curve. Damming rivers creates many problems in the future. Remember the Mississinewa dam. Much work to repair leaks. Building on proposed location is poor judgment. Building over the old dump is an environmental disaster all by itself. If we have a dam failure, Anderson gets flushed. The average citizen will not profit like the big dam promoters. "Follow the money." Michigan is now spending big bucks to remove dams. A huge waste of money."

THB: It's evident the public is still split over the reservoir issue. No doubt the entire project will sink or swim over whether those opposed can be persuaded and those pushing the reservoir can deliver on their promises.

A storm with high winds swept through the county on Thursday evening, leaving downed trees and power lines in its wake. (Aug. 23)

"A tree fell on my deck. Didn't damage anything though, but our giant trampoline we have in our backyard saved our privacy fence from a tree. But the trampoline is no more."

"Aunti Em, uncle Henry!"

THB: We have to be honest, these responses on Facebook made us giggle just a bit. Fortunately, damage from the storm was light and everyone came through OK.

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