ANDERSON — Anderson native and retiree Mark Grossenbacher, 68, doesn’t think the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump has been fair.

He likes that Trump has taken a tough stance in trade negotiations with China and other countries.

“China and all the European countries, they are looking out for themselves,” Grossenbacher said. “Trump is looking out for us, and I just think he’s doing a lot better job than a lot of these others.”

He appreciates the rough-and-tumble style Trump brings from the business world to politics.

“I think our government needs to crack down more with other people, not be so wimpy. And they have been wimpy down through the years,” Grossenbacher said. Trump is “working for the people more than I’ve seen any in the past and I see in the future.”

Grossenbacher believes the outcome of the impeachment inquiry could go either way for the president, giving him a 50/50 chance of avoiding it.

If Trump’s presidency survives, Grossenbacher said, it could help energize his voting base at the polls next year.

This close to the election, he doesn’t think Democrats should be trying to impeach the president, who should be allowed to serve out his term.

“To me, he should be left in office for another year and just see how things go because, you know, he’s not perfect and they (Democrats) are not perfect,” Grossenbacher explained.

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