FAIRMOUNT — Madison-Grant athletic director Ryan Plovick needed to find the right person to lead the school’s strength and conditioning program.

For the newly created position of director of athletic development and community leagues, the Madison-Grant United School Board stayed in-house and approved 2004 Argylls graduate Brock Massey earlier this week.

Massey has been employed by the school corporation the last two years as an assistant football coach and was slated to be the middle school baseball coach this spring before the season was canceled. He is a graduate of Indiana University-Kokomo and played football, baseball and basketball during his time at M-G.

He is excited to get started, even if the circumstances are not ideal due to the coronavirus pandemic, which he says will create many challenges in the weight room.

“I grew up in the Madison-Grant community, and I still live here,” Massey said. “It means more when you’re working with kids that are literally walking in your shoes, that are dressing in the same locker room when I was a player. I can literally walk in their shoes. These are kids that I know their parents and I know a lot of their grandparents. It means more. It creates more of a humbling dynamic.”

Citing Massey’s expertise and enthusiasm, Plovick said he was the perfect person for the position and all students, from the elementary school level through high school, will benefit from Massey’s direction.

“With his level of knowledge and expertise, he is the right man for this,” Plovick said. “The kids respect him, and they’ll work hard for him. He demands that work ethic. We’ve seen major improvements in our football program and a lot of that has to do with him.”

Massey, who will soon complete the process to earn his teacher’s license as well, said he has both short-term and long-term goals for the program.

“My short-term goal is to get everyone’s core down and the confidence going in what we are doing, in terms of change of direction and flexibility,” Massey said. “Everything we do is going to have a purpose with strength and conditioning. For the long term, I want this to just be something we do, to become part of our culture. We get in there, we lift, we get stronger and we become more agile.”

One of his responsibilities will be to act as a liaison between the high school coaches and the various youth programs. Massey wants to improve the preparedness of the student-athletes as they grow and develop prior to arriving at the high school level.

“It’s important for each coach for their core values, their core plays and core sets to be introduced at these levels,” Massey said. “If we’re teaching the footwork that young, by the time they get to that high school freshman year or even eighth-grade year, it’s second nature to them. Then you can expand things from there.”

Plovick added he had been hoping to add the position for several years and is glad to have Massey at the helm.

“There has been a need for a position like this for many years,” Plovick said. “We used to have as part of the school curriculum, weightlifting, but that went away five or six years ago. It’s slowly starting to come back during the school day. He’s going to be working with athletes throughout the day in weightlifting classes but also some after school work with the various coaches.”

Contact Rob Hunt at rob.hunt@heraldbulletin.com or 765-640-4886.

Contact Rob Hunt at rob.hunt@heraldbulletin.com or 765-640-4886.

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