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DALEVILLE — Three first-half field goals and 15 turnovers put the Daleville Broncos’ girls basketball team with a halftime deficit from which it could never recover.

Daleville lost its season opener Friday 48-36 to a Blackford team that had won just one game each of the past two seasons and was 0-1 on this season.

The Broncos couldn’t solve the Bruins defense in the first half. Some of the home team’s turnovers could be attributed to that. Some of the miscues, which amounted to 26 by game’s end, were strictly the result of bad passing choices.

Offensively, Blackford had two motives. One was to pass on the perimeter until it could get an open 3-pointer. The second was to pass the ball inside. Dribble penetration was not on the drawing board.

The best plan the Bruins executed all evening was bringing freshman Olivia Leas off the bench. The 5-foot-7 guard scored 23 points for the visitors, a game high. She hit half of her eight attempts from long range. Her teammates were 3-of-17 from that range.

Daleville scored 10 points in the first half to trail by 12. Junior Heather Pautler had two of the Broncos’ three field goals over the first 16 minutes. She tried to will her team back into the fray with 10 points in the third quarter and six more in the fourth for a team-high 22 points.

But the rest of the team scored just 14, hitting 4-of-18 from the field.

Daleville scored nine of the first 12 points in the third quarter to cut the deficit to 25-19. Shortly after that, it was 30-25. But that was as close as the home team got.

The Bruins closed out the third quarter on an 8-0 run and, after that spirited spurt by the Broncos, all they had to show for it was a 38-25 deficit for the final eight minutes.

Daleville managed to win a very narrow decision on the glass. The Broncos won that battle 28-27 led by Audrey Voss with 11.

The Broncos will get a chance at redemption Saturday when they face the 1-0 Anderson Prep Jets. The Bruins are now 1-1.

Daleville coach Ashley Fouch was not available for comment immediately following the conclusion of the contest.

Rick Teverbaugh is the former sports editor of The Herald Bulletin. Contact him at rickteverbaugh@gmail.com.

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