A lot of what we do during the ramp up to each sports season is to give our best guesses as to who the teams and players to watch will be during the coming months.

Sometimes we hit. Sometimes we miss. That's the nature of the business, and I've come to terms with it.

Last week, I wrote of some of the girls golfers to watch this fall, and there are plenty. But the one who seems to be deserving of the most attention got just a passing mention, partially because she is a freshman and who knows how a kid that young will react to playing sports the high-school level?

So far, in the case of Lapel's Macy Beeson, it's going quite well.

In her first two outings as a Bulldog, both 18-hole invitationals, she has placed ninth with an 81 (at Hamilton Southeastern) and fourth with an even-par 73 (at Kokomo).

It should be noted at the HSE Invite, she was beaten by six Carmel players, a Royal and a player from Fishers.

That's it. And if you weren't already aware, those are elite programs — always among the favorites to be the three teams that escape the Noblesville sectional.

That is, until Lapel placed second last year.

I first met Beeson several years ago when I talked with her and her family about her qualifying through youth golf to play at a PGA course in North Carolina.

It was a lovely visit with a very nice family. We sat at their dinner table and talked golf, travel, kids, school and many other topics. Her parents, Ryan and Nikia, were beaming with pride as they talked about Beeson and her potential, her accomplishments and her love of the game.

(She's got a little brother, Maverick, and he's going to be pretty good, too.)

The toughest part of that meeting was keeping Beeson interested. Look, she was on the young side of middle school, so chatting with a total stranger holding a notepad in the dining room understandably was not her cup of tea.

But it wasn't like she wanted to go run around. She wasn't being disrespectful.

She was being a kid in love with her sport of golf.

The reason she did not want to sit down and talk about golf was because she wanted to go practice golf.

In the living room.

That's right. She was practicing her chipping and putting in the living room, and she was begging her dad to go to the driving range as soon as this guy sitting in the dining room would shut up about North Carolina and leave.

I haven't spoken to her since that day, although I've kept up with her career through updates from her parents and the scores from the summer youth golf tours here in Indiana — where she is usually playing other girls older than she.

I'll get to see her twice this week. Wednesday, she makes her home debut when the Bulldogs host Daleville at Edgewood before returning Saturday at the same location for the Lapel Invitational.

Maybe I'll talk to her after one of these events, especially if she and the Bulldogs have a good day.

I can already imagine her getting antsy, wishing I'd wrap up the interview.

She'll probably be wanting to hit another bucket on the driving range or get some putting in before it gets too dark.

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